Programme Office

Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Programme Office implements the work programme by running calls for proposals and monitoring the resulting projects (including projects launched under the Innovative Medicines Initiative). In practice, this means we cover the whole lifecycle of our projects, taking care of the scientific, legal, financial, dissemination, communication and overall governance aspects.

The Programme Office is led by the Executive Director, who is the legal representative and is responsible for the day-to-day management of IHI.

The Programme Office’s tasks include:

  • implementing the IHI work programme by organising calls for proposals and managing the evaluation and selection of proposals;
  • monitoring IHI projects throughout the entire project life-cycle;
  • providing the IHI partners and governance bodies with the information and support they need to carry out their duties;
  • acting as the secretariat of the IHI governance bodies;
  • managing IMI’s budget in line with the financial rules;
  • promoting and communicating about IHI.

From IMI to IHI

In addition to running the IHI programme, the Programme Office continues to manage and promote the results of ongoing projects launched under the Innovative Medicines Initiative programmes IMI1 (2008-2013) and IMI2 (2014-2020).

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