Open calls

IHI calls for proposals represent an opportunity for organisations involved in health research and healthcare to form consortia and apply to be part of cross-sector partnerships that bring together a range of stakeholders to tackle some of the biggest challenges in health research today.

IHI call 1

IHI call 1 was launched on 28 June 2022 with topics on cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and health data. The deadline for full proposals is 20 September 2022.

IHI call 2

IHI call 2 was launched 28 June 2022 with topics on cardiovascular disease and early feasibility studies. The deadline for short proposals is 20 September 2022.

Future calls

Want to know what's in the pipeline? We publish indicative information on future calls for proposals on the future opportunities page. To stay up to date on our call topics and other activities, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.