Project dissemination

An overview of the rules and some advice on the dissemination of project results.

This page contains information for projects funded under the Innovative Medicines Initiative programmes (IMI1 and IMI2). We will add information for Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) projects as soon as it is available.

IMI2 project dissemination

Dissemination is an important activity for all IMI2 projects, a fact that is recognised in the Model Grant Agreement for IMI2 projects, which requires that you make your scientific work and results openly available, as early as possible and in a form that is an easily accessible, understandable and re-usable.

We have created guidelines on dissemination for IMI2 projects which provide an overview of the rules related to the dissemination of results that apply to IMI2, together with tips and links to help you prepare and report on dissemination activities.

IMI1 project dissemination

IMI1 project partners have a contractual obligation to disseminate the foreground (Art. II.34 of the Annex II – General Conditions of the Grant Agreement).  For more information please check our guidelines on dissemination for IMI1 projects.

Compulsory elements in all IMI project communications and dissemination

As set out in the Grant Agreements for both IMI1 and IMI2, all communication and dissemination activities and products on IMI projects (articles, project websites, presentations, posters, flyers, press releases, social media, videos etc.) must include all of the following elements:

  • A formal acknowledgement of IMI’s support
  • You must use the wording set out in the Grant Agreement; this is also described in the IMI Project Communications Guide
  • A link to the IHI website –
  • IMI, EU, EFPIA, Associated Partner logos
    Download the IMI logo in different versions and formats
    Download the EFPIA logo in different versions and formats
    Download the EU flag in different versions and formats
  • A disclaimer

More information on all of these elements can be found in the IMI Project Communications Guide.

How we can help you – using IMI to help you disseminate your project results

The IHI Programme Office will support your dissemination efforts and raise the visibility of your project results through:

Dissemination advice and resources from the European Commission

CORDIS is the European Commission's primary portal for promoting results of EU-funded research projects, and it does so through:

  • publication of project information submitted through the Funding & Tenders Portal: project factsheet, public deliverables, publishable report summaries;
  • communication support: CORDIS Wire, News, Research EU magazines;
  • dissemination products: Results Packs, Results-in-Brief.

The IHI Programme Office will actively work to raise your visibility within the European institutions by proposing your project for relevant EU events, reports, articles and briefings.