Propose ideas

The concept of ‘co-creation’ is embedded in the way IHI works. When it comes to ideas for new call topics, this means that we welcome suggestions from the wider health and research community.

At IHI, many ideas for call topics will come from our partners, namely the industry members and the European Commission, as well as from contributing partners. However, we also welcome ideas from the wider health and research community.

All ideas will have to demonstrate how they would help IMI to achieve its goals (as set out in the legislation creating IHI); how they are aligned with the IHI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA); and why they need a cross-sectoral public-private partnership. Ideas will be assessed by the IHI Programme Office and governance bodies.

In the first months of IHI, we will work closely with our new governance bodies to develop a platform and procedures that will make it easy for people to submit call topic ideas, and for us at IHI to review them.

As soon as these are ready, we’ll publish all the details here and announce the news via our newsletter, Twitter and LinkedIn.