IHI call 5

IHI call 5 is a single-stage call with topics on the 3Rs, theranostics, stroke management and synthetic data.

Call ID: HORIZON-JU-IHI-2023-05
Action type: RIA – Research and Innovation Actions
Call type: Single stage

Call updates

March-April 2024: evaluation report and independent observer's report published

All proposals were assessed for eligibility, and eligible proposals were evaluated by independent experts.The results of the evaluation are summarised in this report and below:

  • Number of proposals submitted: 17
  • Number of inadmissible proposals: 0
  • Number of ineligible proposals: 5
  • Number of above-threshold proposals: 7
  • Total budget recommended for above-threshold proposals: EUR 83,052,315

Meanwhile the independent observer's report is also available.

17 January 2024: initial application statistics

In total, 17 proposals were submitted in response to this call:

  • Topic 1: 3 proposals
  • Topic 2: 4 proposals
  • Topic 3: 5 proposals
  • Topic 4: 5 proposals

Following the eligibility check, all eligible proposals will be evaluated by independent experts.


For full details of the topics, including the budget breakdown, click on the links above (which take you directly to the relevant page of the Funding and Tenders Portal) or read the call text.

Indicative budget

  • The maximum financial contribution from IHI JU for these topics is: EUR 115 million
  • Industry / contributing partner contributions: Applicant consortia should ensure that out of the total project budget, at least 45 % needs to be covered by contributions provided by project participants

How to apply

All documents relating to the call can be found via the Funding and Tenders Portal and the IHI call documents page. We advise you to read these documents, in particularly the guide for applicants, carefully.

Proposals must be submitted via the electronic submission system of the Funding and Tenders Portal. To start submitting your proposal, simply click on the relevant topic above - this will take you directly to that topic's page on the portal. Once there, scroll down and click on 'Start submission'.

To submit a proposal via the electronic submission system, you will need to have an EU Login account and ensure that your organisation is registered as a beneficiary.