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Impact on early career researchers

This online event will showcase how working in public-private partnerships like IMI projects can boost the professional development of early career researchers.

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Young researchers



About early career researchers' participation in projects

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) offer early career researchers (ECRs, defined as those who have completed their PhD in the last few years) a wealth of opportunities for professional development.

As collaborative projects, PPPs  allow early career researchers to gain practical experience of working in multidisciplinary teams with people from diverse backgrounds, such as government agencies, non-profit organisations, and industry. This exposure can provide early career researchers with a better understanding of industry practices, as well as valuable networking opportunities. Additionally, early career researchers can learn important skills such as project management, collaboration, and communication, which are transferable across different sectors. PPPs also offer early career researchers access to resources that may not be available through academic institutions.

This event will demonstrate how Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects contribute to early career researchers’ career development.

The event is part of a series of live sessions that IHI is organising on the impacts of IMI in different fields. 


The session will focus on projects supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a partnership between the European Union and the European pharmaceutical industry.



Session recording and presentation


Download the presentations here 




  Introduction and welcome

The challenges the projects were designed to address and the researchers' role in the project activities
Followed by questions and answers


How have the researchers' participation in the IMI project benefited their careers
Followed by questions and answers

  Closing remarks





Meet the speakers
Eline van Overbeeke

Health Economics and Outcomes Research Manager


Pierre Bauvin

Data Scientist

Lille Hospital

Elias Meyer


Medical University of Vienna

Colm Carroll

Scientific Project Manager, IHI

Event Moderator