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Environment and synthetic data feature in new IHI calls for proposals

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The topics contribute to key EU policies such as the European Green Deal and the '3Rs' goals of replacing, reducing and refining the use of animals in research.
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Spotlight on IHI call 4
IHI call 4 is a two-stage call with topics on the 3Rs, patient-centric blood sample collection, clinical trials, and the environmental impacts of healthcare.
Deadline for short proposals: 8 November 2023
Spotlight on IHI call 5
IHI call 5 is a single-stage call with topics on the 3Rs, theranostics, stroke management and synthetic data.
Deadline for full proposals: 16 January 2024
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IHI welcomes 120 people to its Patient Pool
The 120 members of the pool include both patients and caregivers and have experience of a wide range of health issues.
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IMI research maintains strong publication performance
Between them, IMI projects have produced almost 10 000 papers, and their quality matches their quantity, with many papers achieving high citation rates.
A woman undergoing a CT (computed tomography) scan. Image by Tyler Olson via Shutterstock.
New IHI project IDERHA to use big data to advance lung cancer care
IDERHA will create an open health data platform that will facilitate the integration and analysis of diverse types of data, and use it to transform lung cancer diagnosis and care.
A doctor and senior patient looking at a laptop screen together. Image by fizkes via Shutterstock.
PROMINENT – a new IHI project with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease
The project aims to set up a digital platform to improve the diagnosis and personalised treatment of people with Alzheimer’s plus other diseases.
CRE-resistant bacteria in a petri dish. Credit: Non Sitth via Shutterstock.
New treatment shows promise for combating dangerous drug-resistant bacteria
Results from the COMBACTE-CARE project show that – if approved – a new combination of drugs could help in the fight against some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.
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An ‘app’ for biomarkers offers speedier biomedical research
The app, developed by IMI project eTRANSAFE, makes it easier for researchers to analyse which biomarkers are being used in which clinical studies.