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'New Chapter' written on a typewriter. Image by Pixelbliss via Shutterstock.
Legislation creating the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) enters into force
‘Launching a new public-private partnership is a huge endeavour and we will work hard in the coming months to set up our new governance structures and launch our first Call for proposals as rapidly as possible,’ said IHI Executive Director Pierre Meulien.
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Innovative Health Initiative Governing Board members named
The eight members of the Governing Board represent the Innovative Health Initiative public and private partners. The chair of the newly-created board is Irene Norstedt of the European Commission, and Salah-Dine Chibout of Novartis and EFPIA takes the role of deputy chair.
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Save the date! IHI launch event on 26 January
What is the Innovative Health Initiative? Who are the partners? And how can I get involved? All your questions will be answered in the online IHI launch event on the morning of 26 January 2022.
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From IMI to IHI...
Why are we changing, what's new, and what's staying the same? And what will happen to the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects? Find out in our simple guide...
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Computational modelling shows promise for predicting mortality risk after knee surgery
Some people are at higher risk than others of dying after the common procedure. IMI project EHDEN's modelling was able to identify them.
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BEAMER aims to boost adherence to treatment
Around half of all patient’s don’t take their treatment as prescribed. New IMI project BEAMER wants to find out why and develop guidance to address this.
There were notable differences between countries regarding availibility and choice of vaccine brands. Image courtesy of Chanita Chokchaikul via Shutterstock
With multiple flu vaccines on offer, how do doctors choose?
IMI project DRIVE found fewer options for older people, and that younger people’s other risk factors play a part in the choice. This data is helping calculate the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns.
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IMI project PROMISE puts spotlight on common respiratory infection
The new project focuses on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), an infectious disease that can cause severe illness in young children and other vulnerable groups.
Lab technician in blue medical gloves using an electronic pipette to put liquid in an eppendorf. Image by Ladanifer via Shutterstock
IMI-funded EPND platform set to accelerate research into neurodegenerative diseases
The new IMI project European Platform for Neurodegenerative Diseases (EPND) will set up a collaborative platform that will link up existing sample and data infrastructures.
Woman writing on a blood test vial. Credits: lena Yakobchuk via Shutterstock
Blood biomarker identified that predicts type 2 diabetes many years before diagnosis
A large study, part-funded by IMI through the DIRECT, SUMMIT and BEAT-DKD projects, identified a protein in the blood that could predict type 2 diabetes up to 19 years before the onset of disease.