Meet IHI's governance bodies

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Irene Norstedt and Salah-Dine Chibout
Governing Board sets out hopes for IHI
The expanded scope of IHI better reflects the current and future reality for healthcare, and it will deliver diverse impacts, explain the chair and deputy chair of the IHI Governing Board in an interview published on the IHI website.
Martha Cahill
The IHI States Representatives Group – the vital link with national programmes
Through the SRG, EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon Europe provide input into the direction of IHI, as SRG chair Martha Cahill explains in an interview.

Got an idea for an IHI call topic? We want to hear from you!

An empty bright blue speech bubble emerges from a ball of screwed up paper in the same colour. The background of the image is bright yellow. Image by HAKINMHAN via Shutterstock.
The concept of ‘co-creation’ is key to IHI, so we welcome suggestions for potential call topics from the wider health and research community. Now we've created a new portal to allow stakeholders to submit ideas online.
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Benchmarking improvements in pain management
Find out what happened when IMI projects IMI-PainCare (which aims to improve treatments for pain) and EQIPD (which focused on improving data quality) collaborated to advance each other’s work.
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Find partners for your IHI call 1 or 2 proposal
You can still register on the matchmaking platform and search for potential partners for IHI calls 1 and 2 from among the other participants.
The platform will remain open until 20 September.