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IHI calls 6 and 7 - updated draft topics available now

Updated versions of the draft topics for IHI calls 6 and 7 are available now on the Future Opportunities page. We hope to launch the calls early next year.

28 November 2023
The word DRAFT stamped in red on a white background. Image by chrisdorney via Shutterstock
Image by chrisdorney via Shutterstock

Updated versions of the draft topic texts for IHI calls 6 and 7 are now available on the Future opportunities page of the website. The topics under consideration for inclusion in the calls, which are due to be launched early next year, are:

Two-stage topics (IHI call 6)

  • Support healthcare system resilience through a focus on persistency in the treatment of chronic diseases
  • Development of practical guidance and recommendations for using real world data/real world evidence in healthcare decision-making

Single-stage topics (IHI call 7)

  • Improving clinical management of heart disease from early detection to treatment
  • User-centric technologies and optimised hospital workflows for a sustainable healthcare workforce
  • Clinical validation of biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and treatment response

The topics are now being reviewed by the IHI Governing Board as part of the wider Work Programme. They may therefore change between the versions published today and the call launch, and applicants should check the final, approved topic texts once the calls are launched.

Get networking

We have updated our IHI Call Days platform with the new draft topics – register your interest in the topics now and start networking with potential partners for your consortium!

Coming soon: the IHI Call Days

We are now organising the IHI Call Days for calls 6 and 7. The IHI Call Days are the ideal place to learn about the call topics and our rules and procedures, and to identify and network with potential partners for your consortium. For the latest news on updates to the draft topic texts and the IHI Call Days:

All information regarding future IHI call topics is indicative and subject to change. Final information about future IHI calls will be communicated after approval by the IHI Governing Board.