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Innovative Health Initiative Governing Board members named

The eight members of the Governing Board represent the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) public and private partners. The chair of the newly-created board is Irene Norstedt of the European Commission, and Salah-Dine Chibout of Novartis and EFPIA takes the role of deputy chair.

16 December 2021
IHI Governing Board members
The IHI Governing Board members. Top row l-r: Irene Norstedt, Lorena Lorena Boix-Alonso, Kristin Schreiber, Andrzej Jan Rys. Bottom row l-r: Salah-Dine Chibout, Annika Eberstein, Patrick Boisseau, Claire Skentelbery

The Governing Board is the main decision-making body at IHI, and its make-up reflects the public-private nature of the partnership.

Four representatives come from the European Commission:

  • Irene Norstedt - Director, Directorate “People” within the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
  • Kristin Schreiber - Director, Directorate Ecosystems I: Chemicals, Food, Retail, Health within the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
  • Andrzej Jan Rys - Director, Directorate Health systems, medical products and innovation within the Directorate-General for Health and Food safety
  • Lorena Boix-Alonso - Director, Directorate Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity within the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

Four representatives come from the IHI industry partners:

  • Salah-Dine Chibout - Global Head of External Partnerships & Head of Oncology Therapeutic Area in Preclinal Safety, Novartis Instiutes for BioMedical research (NIBR) & Chair of the Research & Innovation Strategy Group (RIS), EFPIA
  • Annika Eberstein - Interim Secretary General, COCIR
  • Claire Skentelbery - Director General. EuropaBio
  • Patrick Boisseau - Director General, Strategic Initiatives, MedTech Europe

The roles of chair and vice-chair will alternate between the EC and industry partners. For the coming year, the chair will be Irene Norstedt of the European Commission and the vice-chair will be Salah-Dine Chibout of Novartis and EFPIA.

The formal creation of the Governing Board by the IHI founding partners is a key legal step in the establishment of IHI as a fully-functioning public-private partnership. The newly-created board held its first meeting online on 16 December.

In line with IHI’s transparency rules, the agenda and list of decisions adopted will be published on the IHI website, along with the CVs and declarations of interest of the new board members.

Find out more

Visit the Governing Board web page, which already contains the CVs of all board members.

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