Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain


Patients with a wide range of conditions may experience pain in the short or long term, and all too often, painkillers prove ineffective. Developing new analgesics is extremely challenging, and all too often, promising results in the lab do not translate into effective treatments for patients. The goal of IMI-PainCare is to develop a toolbox that will aid in the development of novel painkillers. The project comprises three sub-projects, which between them address all stages of drug development, from early-stage research to clinical practice.

PROMPT aims to develop patient-reported outcomes that will capture in a standardised way patients’ perceptions of their pain. This information will help to show during clinical trials whether or not a treatment is actually effective at alleviating pain, for example.

BioPain will draw on electrophysiological and imaging technologies to establish models of pain in healthy humans and rodents. This will contribute to the development of markers of pain that are relevant in both rodents and humans; this will increase researchers’ chances of translating findings in the lab into new treatments for patients.

TRiPP focuses on pelvic pain caused by endometriosis and interstitial cystitis / bladder pain syndrome. The team hopes to identify different subgroups of patients; information that will help to deliver more personalised treatments for these debilitating conditions.

The IMI-PainCare consortium plans to work with regulators to validate the tools developed.

Achievements & News

Receptor in bladder could spell new drug target for urological diseases

Researchers from the IMI-PainCare project have found evidence that a receptor called σ1-R, or sigma-1, is present in the human urinary bladder, and suggest that the receptor could be targeted to increase the efficacy of pain drugs.###

The burden of painful bladder and cystitis is huge, and it's a problem that disproportionately affects women. In a new report, IMI-PainCare researchers document the functional role of the sigma-1 receptor in cystitis by comparing responses in animal models, concluding that it could offer a potential new drug target for the treatment of diseases involving the urinary system.  

They found that drugs that block the action of this receptor can improve the manifestations of cystitis. The paper concludes that this presents a potentially attractive new drug target for testing in human urinary bladder disorders for which there is currently no adequate treatment, and a sigma-1 antagonist called E-52862 is currently in Phase 2 studies in patients with neuropathic pain. The compound could be used together with morphine and would allow for lower morphine dosing, while at the same time decreasing inflammation, potentially enhancing recovery.

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  • Mrc Systems GMBH Medizintechnische Systeme, Heidelberg, Germany
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Patient organisations
  • Pelvic Pain Support Network, Poole, United Kingdom
  • Stichting International Painful Bladder Foundation, Naarden, Netherlands

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Pelvic Pain Support Network7 510
Promptly - Software Solutions For Health Measures SA30 000
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