IHI call 1

IHI call 1 was a single-stage call with topics on cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and health data.


IHI call 1 was launched on 28 June 2022 with the following topics:

More information on the topics can be found in the press release and the call text.


The projects resulting from IHI call 1 are:

  • CLAIMS - Clinical impact through AI-assisted MS care
  • GUIDE.MRD - Guiding multi-modal therapies against MRD by liquid biopsies
  • IDERHA - Integration of heterogeneous data and evidence towards regulatory and HTA acceptance
  • IMAGIO - Imaging and advanced guidance for workflow optimization in interventional oncology
  • PROMINENT - Precision medicine platform in neurodegenerative disease

Call statistics and reports

All proposals were assessed for eligibility, and eligible proposals were evaluated by independent experts. The results of the evaluation are summarised in this report and below:

  • Number of proposals submitted: 18 (Topic 1: 5 proposals; Topic 2: 5 proposals; Topic 3: 5 proposals; Topic 4: 3 proposals)
  • Number of inadmissible proposals: 0
  • Number of ineligible proposals: 5
  • Number of above-threshold proposals: 6
  • Total budget recommended for above-threshold proposals: EUR 85 312 806.62

Independent observer's report

Read the independent observer's report, and the IHI Programme Office's response to the report.