Precision medicine platform in neurodegenerative disease


Alzheimer’s disease affects over 20 million people in Europe alone, and that figure is expected to double over the next 3 decades. The majority of people with Alzheimer’s disease have other health problems, such as cardiovascular, psychiatric and musculoskeletal diseases. This makes it even harder to diagnose and manage Alzheimer’s disease.

The aim of PROMINENT is to set up a digital platform that will improve the diagnosis and personalised treatment of people with Alzheimer’s disease coupled with other diseases. It will draw on existing artificial intelligence tools to create an open, interoperable platform capable of interacting with multiple systems to integrate diverse data from sources such as medical records, mobile devices and imaging repositories. 

Advanced analytical tools embedded in the platform will highlight the most likely outcomes for individual patients, along with personalised, evidence-based suggestions for the most appropriate ways of managing the patient’s health. For clinicians, the platform will help them select the right tests and treatments for each patient. Meanwhile the platform will provide patients and care partners with personalised, relevant, easy-to-understand information on their brain health. At the same time, the platform will make it easier to assess how well treatments work in the real world. This will be particularly important as and when disease-modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease start to be approved and used in regular clinical practice.

While the platform will focus on Alzheimer’s disease, the project hopes that it could ultimately have an impact on the care of patients with other neurodegenerative diseases.

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Universities, research organisations, public bodies, non-profit groups
  • Chu Hopitaux De Bordeaux, Talence, France
  • Fundacio Barcelonabeta Brain Research Center, Barcelona, Spain
  • Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Kuopio, Finland
  • Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Klinikum Der Universitaet Zu Koeln, Cologne, Germany
  • Region Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stichting Amsterdam Umc, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Stiftelsen Fingers Brain Health Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Univerzitetni Klinicni Center Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-sized companies (<€500 m turnover)
  • Ihe, Institutet For Halso- Och Sjukvardsekonomi Aktiebolag, Lund, Sweden
  • Synapse Research Management Partners SL, Barcelona, Spain
Patient organisations
  • Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Third parties
  • Combinostics Us Inc, Boston Ma, United States
IHI industry partners
  • Bioarctic AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Contributing partners
  • Combinostics Oy, Valkeakoski, Finland

NameEU funding in €
Alzheimer Europe398 750
Chu Hopitaux De Bordeaux523 375
Fundacio Barcelonabeta Brain Research Center435 875
Ihe, Institutet For Halso- Och Sjukvardsekonomi Aktiebolag357 250
Itä-Suomen yliopisto372 125
Karolinska Institutet1 811 375
Klinikum Der Universitaet Zu Koeln549 625
Region Stockholm462 125
Stichting Amsterdam Umc302 125
Synapse Research Management Partners SL555 000
Univerzitetni Klinicni Center Ljubljana302 125
Total Cost6 069 750