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How to make a more efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly process for the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals

Animal cell cultivation bioprocess for the production of biopharmaceuticals supported by smart tools.. Image by KTH.
Animal cell cultivation bioprocess for the production of biopharmaceuticals supported by smart tools. Image by KTH.

About the iConsensus project

Biopharmaceuticals, those medicines that are produced in or extracted from biological sources, are increasingly important within the pharmaceutical industry, and rely on quality animal cell cultures. But this requires heavy, expensive equipment, which needs to be operated by expert staff, to consistently monitor and operate the cell cultures.

iCONSENSUS aimed to achieve a faster, safer and more cost-effective process for the development and manufacture of these products, through the development of innovative analytical, hardware, software and high-throughput miniaturised tools for the development, monitoring and control of biological processes within the biopharmaceutical production pipeline.

Some of the new tools that have been developed include “Sensor Sticks” made by PreSens which measure dissolved oxygen, partial pressure of carbon dioxide and pH levels rapidly and accurately within bioreactors; new and improved glycan assay tests developed by PAIA Biotech using special microplates for high throughput assays; a new cell density quantification tool put forward by IpraSense that gives automated high throughput cell count and viability determination; and monitoring methods by Kantisto to better quantify various components of the cell culture and of the media used to grow the cells.


About the event

This online event will discuss the iConsensus project, which was funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a public-private partnership between the European Union and the European pharmaceuticals industry. The goal of this event is to showcase the project’s achievements to a wider, general audience, boost the uptake of the project’s results, and demonstrate how the project has addressed key challenges in health research and innovation. Leaders of the project will present and then discuss these themes followed by a Q&A with the audience. A recording will be available on the website shortly after the webinar.



14:00 - 14:10 Registration and welcome

14:10 - 15:25

  • Challenges and objectives
  • Tangible results and their impact
  • Exploitation of results and sustainability of assets developed

15:25 - 15:30 Closing remarks


Session recording and presentation

Download the presentation
The video recording will be available shortly.


Meet the speakers


Coordinator of the iConsensus project

Associate Professor of Industrial Biotechnology


Luc Kupers

Project Leader of iConsensus - Technical

Former MSAT Fellow Innovation


Dr Fabien Abeille
Fabien Abeille

Co-coordinator of iConsensus and leader of work on system automation & integration, and data monitoring & management

Senior R&D Scientist


Dr Asa Emmer
Åsa Emmer

Leader of iConsensus work on the capillary electrophoresis-chip platform

Professor in Analytical Chemistry



Leader of the iConsensus work on affinity-based, microfluidics and holographic methods

Professor of Nanobiotechnology


Marc Dietrich Voss

Project Leader of iConsensus - Management

Director Global Alliance Management Public-Private Partnerships


Salomé Koussoroplis

Scientific Project Officer

Innovative Health Initiative