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IHI Kick-off and brokerage event (12186)
Sign up for the IHI Kick-off and brokerage event
Want to learn about IHI’s funding opportunities and meet potential partners for your consortium? Sign up for our kick-off and brokerage event on 14 June in Brussels and online.
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Sign up for the webinars on IHI’s first calls
We’re running webinars on IHI’s first calls from 10 to 23 June. The webinars are a great opportunity to learn about the call topics and our rules and procedures in depth.
Anna Chioti and Ralf Herold
Science & Innovation Panel elects chair and vice-chair
IHI’s Science & Innovation Panel has elected Anna Chioti, Head of the Division of Pharmacy and Medicines at Luxembourg’s Ministry of Health, as its Chair. The Vice-Chair is Ralf Herold of the European Medicines Agency.
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Can phone location data help manage depressive illness? RADAR-CNS believes so
IMI project RADAR-CNS has found that using phone location data may be able to help to predict a relapse in previous sufferers, helping encourage proactive intervention.
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Welcome support from on high for the NECESSITY project
IMI project NECESSITY has attracted support from the European Medicines Agency for its approach to studying primary Sjögren’s syndrome, a common autoimmune condition.
A doctor giving a senior woman a vaccination. They are both wearing facemasks. Image by Yuganov Konstantin via Shutterstock.
Next-gen vaccines set to maintain immunity as the years advance
Vaccine potency drops in the elderly. Scientists from IMI project VITAL are trying to find out why, so that we can develop strategies that make vaccines work effectively in all age groups.
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Mothers-to-be learning from mothers
IMI's ConcePTION project is exploring how a learning healthcare system approach could advance medicines safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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IMI project EHDEN opens new call for health data partners
EHDEN is calling on organisations with diverse types of health data to apply for funding and support in mapping their data to a common data model, to boost research and decision-making. Deadline: 14 June