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IHI seeks scientific and health experts to join advisory panel

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IHI is looking for people who want to represent the scientific and wider healthcare communities in its new Science and Innovation Panel (SIP). The panel will play a significant role in setting IHI’s priorities and designing our calls for proposals. Deadline for applications: 21 February 2022.
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Preview of first call theme ideas published
We’ve published indicative information on themes that could be included in the first IHI calls for proposals. They include themes focused on disease areas, namely cancer, cardio-metabolic diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as more technology-focused themes on health data and the development of health technologies.
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IHI launches search for next Executive Director
IHI seeks an ‘outstanding and dynamic professional’ with top leadership, scientific and people skills to take on the role of IHI Executive Director. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2022.
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IHI research and innovation agenda gets green light
The legislation creating IHI sets out the organisation’s top-level objectives. But how do we turn these ambitious goals into real-life projects working on specific, real-life challenges in health? The answer lies in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which has just been formally approved by the IHI Governing Board.
Pierre Meulien speaking at the IHI launch event
Catch up on the IHI launch event
Over 2 000 people attended IHI's online launch event on 26 January, which featured a preview of our potential first call topics, advice on how to get involved in our work, and a discussion with our founding members. If you missed it, don't worry - you can watch it online.
An E. coli bacterium. Image by Everett Collection via Shutterstock
New resistance-busting antibiotic combination could extend the use of ‘last-resort’ antibiotics
Researchers from the Innovative Medicines Initiative projects ENABLE and ELF have discovered a treatment that could reverse antibiotic resistance in some bacteria.
Abnormal blood cells in a patient with a type of blood cancer called AML. Image by Medtech THAI STUDIO LAB 249 via Shutterstock
Machine learning tool can help identify candidates for stem cell transplant therapy for some cancers
IMI project HARMONY’s prototype may offer a more precise way for doctors to predict who should undergo the invasive and risky treatment.
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Artificial intelligence is weeding out the key genes that lead to Parkinson’s symptoms
Scientists in IMI project PD-MitoQUANT are studying how breakdown in cells’ mitochondrial function is implicated in Parkinson’s disease. Tools developed by SME geneXplain are helping them do it.
A fitbit on a bare arm. Image by Ingrid Emilie S Hansen via Shutterstock
Personal health tracker paired with AI picked up COVID positive cases via heart rate measures
Researchers from IMI project RADAR-CNS used deep learning to identity people with COVID19 from heart rate data fed by wearable physical fitness monitors.
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500 million records, from patients in 27 countries, being harmonised and readied for real-world research
IMI project EHDEN’s recent call for more data made a specific appeal for cancer and immunology records, as well as partners from underrepresented countries.
Woman preps vaccine by PIJITRA PHOMKHAM via Shutterstock
IMI Ebola project wins prestigious French research prize
EBOVAC2 received a special jury prize at the Étoiles de l'Europe awards for studies on the safety and immunogenicity of the Janssen vaccine in young, old, and HIV-infected people.