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First IHI draft call topics published

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Cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases as well as health data and early feasibility studies are the focus of IHI’s first calls for proposals, which are due to be launched in June.
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Save the date for the first IHI brokerage event
Interested in IHI's draft call topics? Want to learn how to write a good project proposal? Are you looking for project partners? Join our info and brokerage event on 14 June! Registration will open soon.
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IHI Science and Innovation Panel members named
The members of the new Science and Innovation Panel represent a broad range of stakeholders and have a wealth of scientific expertise and experience of diverse aspects of health research, delivery, and care.

Study of 8 million people supports neurological safety of COVID-19 vaccines

A doctor gives a man a COVID-19 vaccine. Image by Prostock studio via Shutterstock
IMI project EHDEN found that COVID-19 vaccines don’t raise the risk of developing four rare neurological disorders, but an increased risk was seen in unvaccinated infected people with the disease.
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The PREMIER team tested the ability of iPiE to predict levels of ibuprofen in four major European river basins, including the Rhine. Image by jennypong via Shutterstock
What impact do drugs have on the environment? The ePiE model offers a cheaper way to find out
Scientists from IMI’s iPiE and PREMIER projects used ePiE to predict levels of the painkiller ibuprofen in four major European river basins.
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MACUSTAR study on common cause of blindness gets regulatory nod
The European Medicines Agency has issued a second Letter of Support to IMI project MACUSTAR for its work on new measures to assess the eye disease age-related macular degeneration in clinical trials.
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Catch up on the event on IMI’s impact on SMEs
Missed our event on IMI’s impact on SMEs in health data management & health IT? The presentations and recording are now available online.
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Commission launches one-stop-shop to support researchers of Ukraine
The ERA4Ukraine portal aims to help researchers based in or fleeing Ukraine to find housing and job opportunities, facilitate the recognition of their diplomas, and more.