First IHI calls launched!

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IHI launches first calls for proposals

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IHI’s first calls are a fantastic opportunity for health researchers and stakeholders to work together on pressing issues that can only be addressed by a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder partnership.
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In focus: IHI call 1
IHI call 1 is a single-stage call with topics on cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and health data.
Deadline for full proposals: 20/09/2022
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In focus: IHI call 2
IHI call 2 is a two-stage call with topics on cardiovascular disease and early feasibility studies.
Deadline for short proposals: 20/09/2022
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Brokerage event: matchmaking still open!
Looking for project partners? The matchmaking platform used for the info and brokerage event remains open for scheduling meetings until 15 July. Meanwhile all recordings and presentations from the event are available on the event web page.
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Catch up on the webinars on calls 1 and 2
We held webinars on all the call 1 and 2 topics, plus IHI’s rules and procedures and the financial aspects of proposals. The presentations, recordings and participant lists are all available online.

Accounting for patient preferences: “Nothing for us, without us”

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IMI project PREFER has published recommendations on when and how best to capture patient perspectives on the benefits and risks of medicines, and the project’s framework has got a nod of approval from the European Medicines Agency.
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Helping healthcare systems breathe easier
Research by IMI project RESCEU highlights the burden of respiratory syncytial virus on the under-fives. The findings are published in the Lancet.
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How a project to gather data on flu vaccines is helping to improve Europe’s pandemic response
IMI project DRIVE delivered a platform for assessing the effectiveness of different flu vaccines. When COVID struck, the team quickly adapted the platform to do the same for COVID-19 vaccines.
Paediatrics User Guide: feedback wanted
IMI project conect4children and CDISC are running a public review of their draft Paediatrics User Guide on data standards. Deadline for comments: 25 July