Hugh Laverty takes over the reins at IHI

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Headshot of Hugh Laverty
Dr Hugh Laverty takes over the reins at IHI
Dr Hugh Laverty has taken over as interim Executive Director at the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), following the departure of Dr Pierre Meulien.
A half dial showing poor, fair, good excellent. The needle is pointing to good. Image by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay
First IHI calls attract 33 proposals
We received 33 proposals in response to IHI calls 1 (18 proposals) & 2 (15 proposals). The next steps are the eligibility check, and then eligible proposals will be evaluated by independent experts.

A farewell reflection on research and innovation in the 21st century

Headshot of Pierre Meulien, IMI/IHI Executive Director 2015-2022
On 15 September, Pierre Meulien’s term as IMI/IHI Executive Director drew to a close. In a final opinion piece, he reflects on the ongoing influence of IMI and IHI on the research and innovation process.
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Scanning electron micrograph of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which cause TB. Image by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health
Battling drug-resistant tuberculosis: New life for old treatments
A new compound that boosts the efficacy of the tuberculosis drug ethianomide has successfully completed phase 1 clinical trials, thanks to IMI project TRIC-TB.
A patient and doctor discussing the patient's notes. Image by RazorMax via Pixabay.
Reaching the desired (health) outcome
IMI project H2O has launched its first health outcomes observatories, in the Netherlands, Spain and Austria. The observatories cover cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Multiple myeloma patients may soon be able to look forward to better-targeted treatments

The image shows clusters of connected dots in different colours - red, yellow, green, blue, purple... Image by ElisaRiva via Pixabay
IMI project HARMONY is proposing a new, more accurate way of assessing the prognosis of patients with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer.
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