Project successes in paediatrics, safety and more

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A child places their left hand on the upturned palm of a man's right hand. Image by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas via Pexels.
Expert network works towards better drug development for children
IMI project conect4children has pioneered an advice process involving diverse experts including patients to aid drug developers when designing paediatric clinical trials.
Liver tissue showing signs of NAFLD. Image by Dr David Kleiner, National Cancer Institute, NIH.
Biomarkers, not biopsies, indicate who will fall foul of liver disease
LITMUS is studying how simple blood tests or scans could replace surgical biopsies as a means to identify people with the liver disease non-alcoholic staetohepatitis (NASH).
Round white pills on a pale blue background. Image by Anna Shvets via Pexels.
Drug developers hunt for clues to organ stress
IMI project TransBioLine is identifying new markers that flag up when a medicine may be harmful to vital organs such as the liver or kidneys, for example.
The hands of a man, held lightly together, resting on a wooden table top. The joints of the man's knuckles are visibly swollen. Image by Jacques Hugo via Shutterstock
Psoriasis project benefits from patient research partners’ perspective
IMI psoriasis project HIPPOCRATES is a great example of best practice when it comes to patient involvement in research, and it’s already seeing the benefits of its approach.
Five hands viewed from below doing a fist bump. Image by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels.
IHI call 3 – deadline approaching
The deadline for IHI call 3 is 15 March! If you have any questions about the call, don’t hesitate to contact the IHI Programme Office.
Close up of a blister pack of red and white pills. Image by Heung Soon via Pixabay.
Sign up for our webinar on health and the blockchain
IMI project PharmaLedger set out to apply blockchain technology to the healthcare sector. A webinar on 28 February will showcase the project’s results and use cases.
Close-up of a woman measuring oxygen levels with a smartwatch. The watch is on her left arm and she is holding the black watch with the thumb and index finger of her right hand. Image by New Africa via Shutterstock
IMI projects showcase results at DIA Europe
IMI projects are presenting results on remote clinical trials, patient information, health data, and real world evidence at the upcoming event.
Close-up of a senior woman with a walking stick. Image by KoOlyphoto via Shutterstock.
Sign up for the Mobilise-D summer school
The one-week course will be held in Italy and will focus on ‘digital mobility outcomes for health promotion and prevention: extracting actionable insights from real-world data’.