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Two compounds progress to phase 1 trials, offering hope for new cancer drugs

Stomach cancer cells illustration. By Kateryna Kon via Shutterstock
The Innovative Medicines Initiative’s European Lead Factory has helped identify two drug candidates for cancer treatment that have now progressed to clinical testing.
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Cancer tumour imaging. Image by Carl Dupont via Shutterstock.jpg
Getting ever closer to blood-based biopsies for detecting and monitoring tumours
The European Liquid Biopsy Society, an offshoot of IMI project CANCER-ID, is pushing the science on liquid biopsies closer to clinical reality.
Woman undergoing chemotherapy. Image by Image Point Fr via Shutterstock
'Google Maps' for tumours can pinpoint which tumour region should be studied - at unprecedented speed
Researchers from IMI project IMMUCAN are using extensive imaging data and statistical analysis to produce detailed descriptions of tumours to figure out which regions should be investigated further.
Mother with child image by Bricolage via Shutterstock
New method matches drugs with faulty DNA replication, helping identify childhood cancer drug candidates
The IMI-funded ITCC-P4 project’s methodology helped identify some of the best targets in childhood tumours that could be candidates for treatment with adult therapies.
Child in mask by maxbelchenko via Shutterstock
Europe’s top childhood cancer experts lay ground rules for moving forward on drug testing
The ITCCP4 team also joined forces with US experts in paediatric cancer to reach a much-needed consensus on the best way forward for testing of childhood cancer drugs.
Acute Myeloid Leukemia cells in 3D illustration. Image by Nemes Laszlo via Shutterstock
Blood cancer: 63k patient datasets readied to reveal ‘untapped’ potential of AI in cancer research
IMI’s HARMONY Alliance is using advanced data analysis methods based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer questions about haematological malignancies.
People on a tram wearing masks. Image by Orso via Shutterstock
Notorious superbug found to be a hidden disease outside hospital settings
Researchers from IMI project COMBACTE-CDI filled important knowledge gaps on the scale of C. diff infections, and sequenced the genomes of hundreds of strains for future researchers.
Close-up of a woman using a laptop. Image by LDprod via Shutterstock
Final IMI project FACILITATE gets underway
The last Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project to launch, FACILITATE will explore how we can return data from clinical trials to participants.
Woman typing. Image by Undrey via Shutterstock
Want to be the next IHI Executive Director? The deadline is now 14 March…
IHI seeks an ‘outstanding and dynamic professional’ with top leadership, scientific and people skills to take on the role of Executive Director.