Updated draft topics for calls 3 and 4 now online

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One of the proposed call topics aims to explore how digital technologies, such as smartphones, can help to improve the care of people with mental health disorders. Image by Jan Vašek via Pixabay.
Updated draft topics for IHI calls 3 and 4 now available
We publish draft topics to give applicants additional time to prepare their proposals and build a consortium ahead of the official call launch in the coming weeks.
Two women meeting online. Photo by Anna Shvets
Still time to register for the IHI Call Days for calls 3 and 4
The IHI Call Days are on 12-15 December (for call 3) and 18-19 January (for call 4), but you can already use the platform to book and hold meetings with potential partners.
Anna Chioti and Ralf Herold
IHI’s Science and Innovation Panel – ‘a diverse and interesting group’
In an interview, SIP chair Anna Chioti and vice chair Ralf Herold talk about the new group, and how it works to incorporate a wide range of stakeholder views into IHI’s activities.
The cover of the brochure
New brochure highlights impact of IMI and sets out IHI’s goals
The short brochure describes recent IMI project results in fields such as cancer, antimicrobial resistance, COVID-19 and more. It also describes IHI and sets out its goals.

Studies highlight potential of IMI-funded antibiotic

A scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli - the bacteria appear blue against a dark background. Image by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health
Laboratory studies show that a potential antibiotic dubbed NOSO-502 is active against some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. The next step will be to test it in humans.
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A close-up of a doctor typing at a computer. The doctor is wearing a white doctor's coat and a stethoscope. Image by Ivan Samkov via Pexels.
New framework to boost quality of research using real world data
IMI project BigData@Heart hopes the CODE-EHR framework will boost confidence in the results of studies using real world data, and so trigger improvements in patient care.
A woman injecting herself in the arm with insulin. Image by Christel Oerum / DiabetesStrong.com via Pixabay
Non-profit to continue IMI projects’ ground-breaking diabetes work
INNODIA iVZW will secure the legacy of IMI diabetes projects INNODIA and INNODIA HARVEST, which have already delivered world class knowledge and resources on type 1 diabetes.
A 3D wooden question mark. Image by Arek Socha via Pixabay
Do you use iPSCs in your research? EBiSC2 wants to hear from you!
IMI project EBiSC2 provides high-quality induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) products and services. Complete their customer survey to help them further improve their work.
Congrats spelt out in little letter cubes. Image by Djordje Vezilic via Pexels
IMI project partner among winners of EU Innovation Radar prizes
The European Commission has awarded an Innovation Radar prize in the disruptive health category to Belgian SME Innovation Sprint, a partner in IMI project BEAMER.