Spotlight on SMEs, plus IMI project successes

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Registration open – event on IMI’s impact on SMEs

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Join us on 29 March at 14:00 Brussels time for an online event on what small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contribute to Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects on health data management, and what they get out of it.
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Martha Cahill and Jan Skriwanek
SRG elects chair and vice chair
IHI’s States Representatives Group (SRG) has elected Martha Cahill of Ireland as its chair and Jan Skriwanek of Germany as vice chair. Their mandate will run for two years.
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ELF now offering screening services to charities and foundations
The IMI-funded European Lead Factory (ELF) hopes to boost charity-funded science by offering its services and assets to charities and foundations around the world.
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Towards a new era of tackling Alzheimer’s disease
IMI's ADAPTED project worked to better understand how the presence of a specific gene significantly increases the risk Alzheimer’s disease. The research could open the door to new treatments.
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EPAD releases additional data to Alzheimer’s research community
IMI project EPAD has made genomic data from its study of the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease available to the wider research community.
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Cancer drug shows promise as COVID-19 treatment
IMI project IMPENTRI’s trial of cancer drug imatinib has shown promising results (lower mortality, shorter ventilation, better outcomes) after 90 days, confirming its benefits in severe COVID-19 cases.
Antibodies and spike sites. Image by Juan Gaertner via Shutterstock
COVID CARE: antibody mapping detects vulnerable spike sites, and another promising antiviral emerges
The IMI-funded CARE project helps speed up antibody drug discovery while opening a promising new avenue for antiviral research to tackle COVID-19.
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The opportunities and challenges of cancer-on-chip models in immunotherapy
IMI-funded imSAVAR reviewed the state of ‘cancer-on-chip’ technology. While promising, problems with manufacturing to scale make them impractical for the moment.
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Rare diseases: what are IMI projects doing?
IMI rare disease research focusses on gene therapy delivery systems, newborn screening, platform trials for neurofibromatosis and finding a cure for fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.
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Health data project EHDEN opens call for SMEs
IMI health data project EHDEN launched a call for SMEs to apply for training and certification on converting health data from various formats to a common data model. Deadline: 13 April.
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Join the FAIRplus Innovation and SME Forum
IMI project FAIRplus will showcase its outcomes on making data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) at an event in Berlin on 17 May.